NOTE: The following mandatory COVID-19 Event Safety Guidelines and Conditions (see below) are in effect until further notice. Please ensure you have reviewed these guidelines prior to submitting the Application for Campus Activities and Events.

The safety of the Carleton community is our top priority. Carleton University is following the advice of Ottawa Public Health, the Ontario Ministry of Health, Public Health Ontario and the Public Health Agency of Canada for the latest information about the coronavirus (COVID-19). Approval for all activities and events will be granted on a case-by-case basis.

This application form must be submitted to Conference Services a minimum 15 business days before the event date. Once this application form is submitted, it will be reviewed to ensure compliance and risk mitigation. In an effort to better assist you, please include as much detail about your activity/event as possible. If you have any questions about this process, please email

Event Safety Guidelines and Conditions

  • Prior to arriving on campus, all individuals are required to screen for COVID-19 symptoms by completing the COVID-19 Screening Self-Assessment in cuScreen.
    • If individuals are unable to complete the COVID-19 Screening Self-Assessment in cuScreen, due to extenuating circumstances, please contact and we will provide a paper method.
    • All individuals must attest to their vaccination status and submit Vaccine Dose Administration Receipts or equivalent document(s) that provide proof of vaccination, through cuScreen.
  • The following is NOT permitted:
    • Food and beverage. Approval will not be granted for events where food and alcohol service are a component.
    • Singing or playing of wind instruments.
    • Attendance over 60 persons. Attendance is limited to 60 persons or less indoors and outdoors and only where room capacity limits permit.
  • Other conditions:
    • Prior to the event the organizer must provide an attendee list, including: the attendee’s name, email address, phone number, relationship to Carleton and role at activity/event, for contact tracing purposes.
    • All attendees and event support staff are required to wear a mask, follow proper handwashing/sanitizing protocols and practice physical distancing (6ft).  Speakers must also wear a mask at all times.
    • Attendees and event support staff are to follow traffic flow guidelines and adhere to entry/exit points of the event area where applicable.
    • Attendees must remain in the event space and not occupy other buildings/areas of the university.  All attendees must adhere to physical distancing, hand washing/sanitizing protocols and capacity guidelines when using washroom facilities.
    • All media personnel must adhere to Carleton policies and protocols, including physical distancing, handwashing/sanitizing protocols and mask usage.
    • If the attendees or event support staff experience any COVID-19 symptoms or are feeling unwell on the day of the event, we require that they cancel their participation.
    • If, within 10 days after the event, attendees or event support staff suspect they have symptoms potentially linked to COVID-19, have gone for a COVID-19 test, have received a positive COVID-19 result, or have been asked to self-isolate by public health officials, they are to notify Conference Services immediately Kendra Reay,

Note: Criteria may change to remain in compliance with Public Health orders and to ensure the health and safety of the community.

Application Form for Campus Activities and Events

All events must support the core mission of the university which includes academic, research and/or student life activities. If the event can be held virtually, approval will not be given for the event to take place in person/on campus.
  • Please indicate why this activity/event cannot occur remotely:
  • Please specify the name (and department, where applicable):
  • Internal groups include staff, faculty, students and registered student groups.
  • In addition to completing the Application Form for Campus Activities and Events, all registered student groups are required to complete the university's Risk Management form. Please visit to create an account and submit the form. Proof of approval must be submitted to Conference Services. Please confirm if you have submitted this form.
  • All event A/V services must be supplied by Carleton University Event Support (CUES), Instructional Media Services.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • :
  • NOTE: Attendance is limited to 60 persons or less indoors and outdoors and only where room capacity limits permit.
  • Please upload your attendee list, including: the attendee’s name, relationship to Carleton, and role at activity/event. NOTE: you are required to provide a final attendee list prior to your activity/event start date.
    Drop files here or
  • Please provide as many details about the nature of your activity/event and a schedule if applicable.
  • Please explain how you intend to mitigate risk and ensure COVID safety measures are practiced:
  • Is there anything else we should know about your activity/event?
  • For questions about accessibility or to request any accommodations, please contact