As of September 1, 2022,  any internal department wishing to utilize event equipment will pay an annual (fiscal calendar) fee of $200 to offset maintenance costs and to help purchase new equipment.

This fee allows unlimited use of the equipment based on availability during that time period. Upon the submission of the request you will confirm that you are responsible for any theft or “excessive” damage.

If you are interested in borrowing event equipment, please contact

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Equipment Delivery Options

We offer two options to retrieve your ordered equipment:
having it delivered to the event site or picking it up.


Equipment will be delivered to the event site by Facilities Management and Planning (FMP). In order to have equipment set-up and delivered, you must submit your floor plan and event details to FMP by submitting a cart on eShop.

A representative should be on-site when equipment is delivered to ensure that everything arrived as requested and to secure the space with the items in it until your event is over. You are responsible for the theft of any items.

Pick Up

Please make arrangements with Conference Services if you wish to pick up items.

Equipment can be picked up* weekdays between 8:30 am – 4:30 pm at the Conference Services office, located in Teraanga Commons (TC) 172. Items can be picked up on the day of the event, or on Friday for weekend events, unless otherwise arranged with Conference Services. Equipment must be returned to Conference Services before 11:00 a.m. the next day.

*Please note that depending on the items you order, you may be required to have them delivered. Only certain items (i.e. tablecloths, nomadic display, etc.) can be picked up.

Special Notes

Certain items must be handled with care to avoid damage. Please see below for cautions when handling specific equipment.

red Carleton University branded table cloth The Carleton University branded table cloths were designed for a reception or promotional table. When using the tablecloths we ask that you DO NOT place food or beverages on them to try and maintain their presentation appeal.
nomadic display The Nomadic Display is a very expensive item that has unique set-up and tear-down requirements. A person must be shown how to properly erect and dismantle the unit to avoid unnecessary damage.
signage Signage / directional boards are used frequently so we ask that you DO NOT use duct or packing tape. To maintain a clean surface glue dots can be provided.
large floral arrangement The larger floral arrangements are transported and stored with a plastic cover over them. While in use, please put them in a safe place so that they do not go missing.
table skirt Table skirts for the counter tables come in a fabric bag with a pouch attached. A sufficient number of table clips is provided in each pouch and we ask that the same quantity return back into the pouch.


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